Worlding a Peripheral Literature
Canon and World Literature

Author: Marko Juvan
Year: 2019
Temporary Croatization of Parts of Eastern Slovenia between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Century
Changing Identities at the Meeting Point of Related Peoples
Thought, Society, Culture / Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives Thought

Author: Boris Golec
Year: 2017
What to Do with Folklore?
New Perspectives on Folklore Research
Balads and Songs – International Studies

Edited by: Marjetka Golež Kaučič
Year: 2017
Media Archaeologies, Micro-Archives and Storytelling
Re-presencing the Past
Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies

Author: Martin Pogačar
Year: 2016
Academic Labour, Unemployment and Global Higher Education
Neoliberal Policies of Funding and Management
Palgrave Critical University Studies

Edited by: Suman Gupta, Jernej Habjan, Hrvoje Tutek
Year: 2016
Prostor in čas v frazeologiji

Edited by: Nataša Jakop, Meteja Jemec Tomazin, Erika Kržišnik
Year: 2016
The Great War and Memory in Central and South-Eastern Europe
Balkan Studies Library 17

Edited by: Oto Luthar
Year: 2016
A Slavic Republic of Letters
The Correspondence between Jernej Kopitar and Baron Žiga Zois
Thought, Society, Culture / Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives Thought

Author: Luka Vidmar
Year: 2016
Globalizing Literary Genres
Literature, History, Modernity
Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature

Edited by: Jernej Habjan, Fabienne Imlinger
Year: 2016
A Culinary Metaphor

Author: Jernej Mlekuž
Year: 2015
A Terra e o seu Entorno
Uma História da Eslovênia

Edited by: Oto Luthar
Year: 2015
From Slovenia to Egypt
Aleksandrinke’s Trans-Mediterranean Domestic Workers’ Migration and National Imagination
Transkulturelle Perspektiven

Edited by: Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik
Year: 2015
Acta carsologica 43/2-3
Acta carsologica

Year: 2014
Izvestje 11/2014
Izvestje Raziskovalne postaje ZRC SAZU v Novi Gorici

Year: 2014
Barok na Slovenskem
Sakralni prostori

Authors: Metoda Kemperl, Luka Vidmar
Year: 2014
Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika
Druga, dopolnjena in deloma prenovljena izdaja

Author: Inštitut za slovenski jezik ZRC SAZU
Year: 2014
Literatura med dekonstrukcijo in teorijo
Oranžna zbirka

Author: Jernej Habjan
Year: 2014
Acta carsologica 43/1
Acta carsologica

Year: 2014
Daljinska istraživanja

Authors: Krištof Oštir, Admir Mulahusić
Year: 2014
Harmonia Concertans 2-3/2012-2013
Stara glasba na Novem trgu

preformed by: Ansambel musica cubicularis
Year: 2014
Mirroring Europe
Ideas of Europe and Europeanization in Balkan Societies
Balkan Studies Library 13

Edited by: Tanja Petrović
Year: 2014

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