Language: English
Occupational Safety and Health of Posted Workers

Edited by: Nataša Rogelja, Kristina Toplak
Year: 2017
Studia Mythologica Slavica 20
Studia mythologica Slavica

Year: 2017
Acta Geographica Slovenica 58/1
Acta geographica Slovenica

Year: 2018
Acta Geographica Slovenica 58/2
Acta geographica Slovenica

Year: 2018
Acta Carsologica 46/1
Acta carsologica

Year: 2017
Molnik pri Ljubljani v starejši železni dobi
The Iron Age site at Molnik near Ljubljana
Opera Instituti Archaeologici Sloveniae 36

Edited by: Sneža Tecco Hvala
Year: 2017
Hacquetia 16/2

Year: 2017
Airborne laser scanning raster data visualization
A Guide to Good Practice
Prostor, kraj, čas 14

Authors: Ralf Hesse, Žiga Kokalj
Year: 2017
Temporary Croatization of Parts of Eastern Slovenia between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Century
Changing Identities at the Meeting Point of Related Peoples
Thought, Society, Culture / Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives Thought

Author: Boris Golec
Year: 2017
Arheološki vestnik 68
Arheološki vestnik

Year: 2017
Acta Geographica Slovenica 57/1
Acta geographica Slovenica

Year: 2017
Acta Geographica Slovenica 57/2
Acta geographica Slovenica

Year: 2017
Life and Water on Karst [drugi natis]
Monitoring of transboundary water resources of Northern Istria

Edited by: Nadja Zupan Hajna, Metka Petrič, Nataša Ravbar, Josip Rubinić
Year: 2017
What to Do with Folklore?
New Perspectives on Folklore Research
Balads and Songs – International Studies

Edited by: Marjetka Golež Kaučič
Year: 2017
Dve Domovini / Two Homelands 45
Dve domovini

Year: 2017
Hodili so jih poslušat
Pesemsko izročilo kamniškega območja
They Went to Hear Them Sing
Song Traditions of the Kamnik Area
Iz arhiva Glasbenonarodopisnega inštituta GNI CD 022

Selected by: Marija Klobčar, Peter Vendramin, Robert Vrčon
Year: 2017
Traditiones 45/3
Estonia Online

Year: 2016
De musica disserenda 12/2
De musica disserenda

Year: 2016
Filozofski vestnik 37/1
Politics, Affects, Writing / The Aesthetics of Everyday Life
Filozofski vestnik

Edited by: Jelica Šumič Riha
Year: 2016
Filozofski vestnik 37/2
Reason + Enjoyment
Filozofski vestnik

Edited by: Sigi Jöttkandt, Kate Montague
Year: 2016
Haloško petje na tretko
Na tretko
The Traditional Multipart Singing of Haloze
Iz arhiva Glasbenonarodopisnega inštituta GNI CD 021

Selected by: Urša Šivic
Year: 2017

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