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Research interests:

cultural heritage, 20th century

Research projects: (SICRIS)

Selected publications

Barbara VODOPIVEC, Jana ŠELIH, Roko ŽARNIĆ, Interdisciplinarna opredelitev prioritet obnove stavbne dediščine na primeru gradov, Annales, Series historia et sociologia, 1, 2015, pp. 1–18.

Barbara VODOPIVEC, Roko ŽARNIĆ, Jolanta TAMOŠAITIENE, Marius LAZAUSKAS, Jana ŠELIH, Renovation priority ranking by multi-criteria assessment of architectural heritage: the case of castles, International journal of strategic property management, 1, 2014, pp. 88–100.

Barbara VODOPIVEC, Rand EPPICH, Roko ŽARNIĆ, Cultural heritage Information Systems-State of the Art and Perspectives, Digital heritage: progress in cultural heritage: documentation, preservation, and protection (ur. Marinos Ioannides), Lecture notes in computer science, 8740, 2014, pp. 146–155.

Barbara VODOPIVEC, Barbara MUROVEC, Roko ŽARNIĆ, The degree of Convergence of European RTD programmes and possibilities for common foresight, including a set of recommendations on mechanisms to encourage convergence of RTD programmes on the protection of tangible cultural heritage, Ljubljana 2011.


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