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Published on:
12. November 2019

ZRC Atrium at Novi trg 2 in Ljubljana is hosting the exhibition ‘The Last Season of Modernism: May ’68 in Literature and Theory’. The exhibition is part of the research project ‘May ’68 in Literature and Theory’, which is hosted at the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, ZRC SAZU. The project’s Principal Investigator is Marko Juvan, who also curated the exhibition together with Marijan Dović, Andraž Jež and Alenka Koron. The exhibition will be held until 1 December and is open, with free admission, every day except for Sundays.

Authentic, Fake or Mistaken Identity? Creation, Recreation, Deception and Forgery in Music and the Related Arts

International scholarly conference

21. 10. 2021 at 9:00 • Ljubljana, Novi trg 2 and 4

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