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Published on:
10. September 2018

From 5–7 September 2018, University of Münster hosted the 6th biannual conference of the European Network for Avantgarde and Modernism Studies (EAM). Titled Realism(s) of the Avantgarde, the conference included ‘Realms of Reality: Balkan Avant-gardes from Futurist Technomania to Socialist Realism’, a panel organised by Marijan Dović from ZRC SAZU and attended also by Bojan Jović (Institute for Literature And Arts, Beograd) and Irina Genova (New Bulgarian University, Sofia). At the panel, Dović presented the paper ‘The Turbulent 1920s in Slovenian Literature and Arts: From Futurism and Constructivism to Expressionism and Psychoanalysis’.

Authentic, Fake or Mistaken Identity? Creation, Recreation, Deception and Forgery in Music and the Related Arts

International scholarly conference

21. 10. 2021 at 9:00 • Ljubljana, Novi trg 2 and 4

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