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Development of PROBA-V 100 m Vegetation Products
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1 June 2014–31 May 2016

The project relates to the scope of activities of the European Space Agency – PECS, relating to research in connection with Earth observation and their use, in particular the monitoring of vegetation and related products from satellite data. The purpose of the project is a thorough evaluation of PROBA-V imagery with a resolution of 100 m for the production of vegetation products, especially NDVI, fAPAR and LAI. We deal with improvements in data preparation and data pre-processing and the production of selected vegetation products. Special attention is focused on the study of time series of vegetation products and in making optimal composites that will include a range of individual countries, regions or even across the world.

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Project manager at ZRC


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ESA (The European Space Agency)


vegetation monitoring • satellite monitoring of forests • PROBA-V • vegetation indices • biophysical products • atmospheric and topographic correction • lossy compression