Integral burdening in gravel plains

fundamental project
Basic Info

  • Project Executive on ZRC

  • Original Title

    Integral burdening in gravel plains in Slovenia – the case study of Ljubljansko polje

  • Collaborators

    dr. Drago Kladnik, dr. Aleš Smrekar
  • Duration

    since 01. july 2001 to 30. june 2004
  • Project manager

    Irena Rejec Brancelj, Ph. D.

  • Financial Source

    Slovenian Research Agency

Groundwater is an important natural resource for providing drinking water to the population. The main quantities of water are in gravel plains, as well as in Ljubljansko polje, which attracts various economic activities. Integral burdening is a result of various pressures on the environment within different regions. The knowledge of the characteristics and the dispersion of urbanisation, industry and agriculture, taking into account various self-cleaning abilities of the environment, is needed for integrated measures for preserving groundwater quality.

The quality of river water is important, because it flows into the groundwater.

Fertilization is prohibited during the winter, because during this period a lot of nitrogen compositions flow into the groundwater.

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Ljubljansko polje