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Kako je Zahod pripeljal vojno v Ukrajino. Kako je politika ZDA in NATA pripeljala do krize, vojne in do tveganja jedrske katastrofe.

Author: Benjamin Abelow
Year: 2023

Is the Western narrative about the Ukraine war correct? If it is, then Western policies might arguably make sense, even if they entail some risk of nuclear conflict. But if the narrative is wrong, then the West is basing existential decisions on false premises. If the narrative is wrong, a quickly negotiated compromise, one that would spare the lives of combatants and civilians alike, and simultaneously greatly reduce the risk of nuclear war, would not represent appeasement. Rather, it would be a practical necessity, even a moral obligation. Finally, if the Western narrative about Russia’s motivations is wrong, then the actions the West is taking now are likely to deepen the crisis and may lead to nuclear war.

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Bernard Nežmah: Kako je zahod pripeljal vojno v Ukrajino; Mladina, 5. 5. 2023

Matic Majcen: Pamflet kot izgovor; Večer, 3. 4. 2023, str. 12

Pogovor v Atriju (Tomaž Mastnak, Uroš Lipušček, Polona Petek), 31. 3. 2023

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