Martina Bofulin, PhD

PhD in ethnic studies, Research Fellow



Martina Bofulin, a geographer and sinologist, received PhD in Ethnic Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ljubljana. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Anthropology and Ethnology of Faculty of Arts, University of Belgrade, and at the Global Collaboration Center of Osaka University. She has joined Slovenian Migration Institute in 2014, where her fields of interest include various aspects of mobility and migration between the People's Republic of China and Europe, issues of migrants' inclusion and integration in Slovenia, implementation of intercultural mediation in the health sector and the nexus between migration and heritage-making. She is an editor of the online bulletin Heriscope and a member of various professional associations (SIEF, IUAES, Japanese Society for the Research on Overseas Chinese, China-Europe Research Platform On Chinese Migration to and beyond Europe).

Fields of interest: Chinese migration, immigration to Slovenia, Chinese tourists, migration studies, ethnic studies, migrants and health care, transnational families.

BOFULIN, Martina (2021). Chinese Migrants and COVID-19 Pandemic. Global dialogue, Magazine of the International Sociological Association, vol. 11, no. 1 (in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi, Farsi, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Romanian language).

BOFULIN, Martina (2020). Kitajski migranti in Covid-19 : mobilnost in izključevanje med pandemijo. [Chinese migrants and Covid-19: Mobility and Exclusion during Pandemic]. Dve domovini/ Two homelands, vol. 52, no. 95-111, doi: 10.3986/dd.2020.2.06

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BOFULIN, Martina, ROGELJA, Nataša, PIPAN, Primož (2020). Discussions on statue removal at ACHC 2020 and beyond. Heriscope : observing heritage making on the margins, no 1, p. 4-13.

BOFULIN, Martina (2018). O mlečni formuli in plenicah : prepletene mobilnosti predmetov in ljudi v kitajskih transnacionalnih družbenih prostorih [On milk formula and diapers: entangled mobilities of objects and people in Chinese transnational spaces]. Dve domovini/ Two homelands, no. 47, p. 147-162.

CUKUT KRILIĆ, Sanja, BOFULIN, Martina (2018). Migranti in dostop do informacij : vloga novih tehnologij v procesu integracije v Podonavju in širše [Migrants and access to information: the role of new technologies in Danube region and beyond]. Glasnik Slovenskega etnološkega društva, vol. 59, no. 2, p. 60-70.

BOFULIN, Martina (2018). Transnational Matchmaking: Marriage Practices of Chinese Migrants from Qingtian Living in Europe. In Christian Groes and Nadine Fernandez (eds.), Intimate Mobilities: Sexual Economies, Marriage and Migration in a Disparate World. London, Berghahn Books, p. 31–51.

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BOFULIN, Martina (2016). Daleč doma : migracije iz Ljudske republike Kitajske v Slovenijo [Home away from home: migration from PR China to Slovenia], (Series Migration, 25). Ljubljana: ZRC SAZU Publishing House, 2016. 242 p.

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Heritage on the margins: new perspectives on heritage and identity within and beyond national ( research programme • 01. january 2019 - 31. december 2024)
DRIM (Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants) ( mednarodni • 01. january 2017 - 30. june 2019)
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