Dr Aleksander Horvat (geologist, palaeontologist)

is dealing with stratigraphy, paleontological, sedimentological and palaeoecological research of Cenozoic, and geoarchaeology. He will take part in geological mapping and diatom analysis of lake sediments.

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Selected bibliography

  • TURK, J., HORVAT, A. 2009, Sedimentological method for determination of palaeoenvironmental conditions at the Ljubljansko barje, case study Stare gmajne. In: VELUŠČEK, A. (Ed.), Stare gmajne pile-dwelling settlement and its era: the Ljubljansko barje in the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC, Opera Instituti archaeologici Sloveniae 16: 35-48.
  • BARTOL, M., MIKUŽ, V., HORVAT, A. 2014, Palaeontological evidence of communication between the Central Paratethys and the Mediterranean in the late Badenian/early Serravalian, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 394: 144-157.
  • MOREAU, L., ODAR, B., HIGHAM, T., HORVAT, A., PIRKMAJER, D., TURK, P. 2015, Reassessing the Aurignacian of Slovenia: Techno-economic behaviour and direct dating of osseous projectile points, Journal of Human Evolution 78: 158-180.


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