Osnovni podatki
13. junij 2013 ob 18:00
Atrij ZRC, Novi trg 2, Ljubljana


Thursday, 13 June 2013, 18:00 ZRC Atrium

Round table discussion: OCCUPY ISTANBUL-OCCUPY TURKEY: the perspective of Turkish students in Slovenia

Something brave and significant is happening in Istanbul, Turkey.
A late blooming Occupy wave one might call it.

Citizens tired of a bullying government with its corrupt management of public spaces and reckless abuse of land are coming together to protect a public park in the heart of the Istanbul which is under the threat of being demolished so the 94th shopping mall can be built in its place. People are holding in spite of the brutal attacks by the police, including tear gas bombs, burning the tents, hospitalizing a person etc. It is the 14th day now, more than 10,000 people have gathered in the park!

Meanwhile, public spaces are being sold to hotels, precious ecosystems are being wasted for more industry, power plants, 3rd bridge over Bosphorus, mining etc.
We seriously had enough of this. Enough is enough! May the people awaken and take responsibility.

We are willing and happy to make a discussion with our Slovenian friends to talk what's going on in Turkey and show it all the world that our brothers and sisters are not alone in Turkey in their struggle.

It is about common fight for democracy!


Ozge Cifci,  University of Dokuz Eylul (Izmir)

Begum Gok, University of Anadolu (Eskisehir)

Orcun Gol, University of Koc (Istanbul)

Burak Erdem, University of Cankaya (Ankara)

Klemen Plostajner, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Andrej Kurnik, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)


It is about common fight for democracy! Welcome to the discussion!

Contact for media:

Ozge Cifci  - Mobile: 051722367

Simona Zavratnik -   Mobile: 051 444 177