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12. marec 2018

Association for Culture and Education PiNA, project partner, has organized panel discussion about participatory planning, to promote and disseminate project publication “Approaching urban agriculture as a social innovation: Guidelines for the development and implementation of an action plan”.

The event "What will the future bring for Coastal Road: panel on answers offered by participatory planning" was held on 7th March 2018 in Manzioli’s palace in Izola.  It brought together guests who explore, support and implement participatory planning. Kaja Cunk, event coordinator saw the event as “encouragement for key local actors to develop a dialogue with its citizens and space for the participation of citizens in all phases of action planning in the region”.

Panelists discussed about the effects of people's involvement in the regulation of public space: DR. JANI KOZINA, research associate of the ZRC Sazu, Anton Melik Geographical Institute, presented project Agrigo4cities and provided European context of the participatory planning. SENKA ŠIFKOVIČ VRBICA, a colleague of the Legal Information Center presented an overview of Slovenian legislation and practical experiences and challenges in its implementation on local level. DR. AIDAN CERAR, a co-worker of the Institute for Spatial Policy shared his experience in project planning facilitation, ALENKA KORENJAK, a representative of PROSTOROŽ shared different social actions/space interventions PROSTOROŽ made in local communities and TINA COTIČ, from the University of Primorska and Coordinator of the Open Gardens of Koper shared her understanding of local community, its needs and response to previous participatory planning events. The panel discussion was followed by iNput, provided by MARKO STARMAN, Head of the Office for Space and Property, Municipality of Izola and GEORGI BANGIEV, Head of the Office for the Environment and Spatial Planning, Municipality of Koper. They presented their view on the participatory planning and current status of the Coastal Road and possibilities for participatory planning of its use.

Panel discussion was followed by a network event, where developed publication was shared and opinions between panelists and event visitors exchanged. As said by leader of AgriGo4Citie project, dr. Jani Kozina, Scientific Researcher of the ZRC SAZU "Participatory planning at the local level compared to the conventional forms of decision-making processes are not only more effective in achieving the set goals, but rather enable the achievement of wider social effects, such as social inclusion, democratization, creativity and community building."


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